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Your kind consideration and cooperation will be appreciated for your assistance as Parents / Guardians to ensure that the following rules and regulations are observed .

Age Criteria for Pre Schooler

Pre Nursery : Age 2+ on first day of school

Nursery : Age 3+ on first day of school

Prep Junior : Age 4+ on first day of school

Prep Senior : Age 5+ on first day of school

Pre School Timing

For play Group , Pre Nursery , Prep.Junior , Prep.Senior :830 AM to 12:30 PM

Regular attendance and punctuality are desired.In case of long absence a Medical Certificate should be produced.

Children should not arrive at school before school time as there will be no one to supervise than at that time

If you avail transport facilities , inform well in advance identification or I card.

Please be punctual for arrival & departure timing of school.


Children must wear neat & tidy school uniform with school socks and shoes.

Provide a handkerchief / napkin and an extra pair of clothes to your child in their school bag.

Field Trip T Shirt to be worn on Field Trip visit days only.

Only school bags and a small water bottle are allowed in school.


Both boys and girls should keep their hair neat , finger nails short and clean.

If you pick up your child personally , child will be handed to parents ONLY or the one who is carrying parent's ID card .

Do not send valuables with your child to school . For safety , jewellery should not be worn either

Please notify the school office for any change of address or telephone number.

In case of illness - Please report about any complications or illness to the teacher or coordinator as soon as possible especially for communicable diseases.

In case of withdrawal you need to give 4 weeks notice , during the term. TC will be issued only after clearing pending payments .

Snacks facility is provided by the school .

If you need to send any money through your child / driver , please put it in an envelope with the name and class of the child .

Particulars to be submitted along with the admission form :

1. A certificate photocopy of the Birth Certificate of the child and vacation record.

2. Resident Proof of parent

3. Medical Form ( As per School format )

4. Transportation Form ( If required and as per School format )

5. Original progress card of the previous school in case He / She has attended other school.

6. Students applying for Jr.KG & Sr.KG may be required to undergo an observation session .

Phtographs Required :

1. Six Photographs of Child ( Passport Size )

2. One Photograph of Child with the Father.

3. One Photograph of Child with the Mother.

4. One Photograph of Child with the Grand-parents.

4. One Photograph of every family member ( Passport Size ).

( Applycapble for new admissions only )

Transportation :

School transportation plays a consistent and long - term role in the lives of children from preshool through school . we always ensure that our children travel to and from school Safe and Secure .

Student's kit :

We,have our own Student's Kit for all programs and for that every child is eligible to have student's kit.

Student's Kit has been created to help early childhood and schools improve the quality of Education. Our preschool curriculum program designed by our an experienced teachers team to ensure that children would be introuced to necessary skills and concepts in a fun and enjoyable way.

Our Student's Kit Includes , School Bag , Text Books , Note Books ( where required ) , children ICard , Pencil Box , Eraser , Sharpener , Crayons & other required material for student.

Uniform Detail :

A School Uniform teaches students to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance.

A School Uniform can improve learning by reducing distraction , sharpening focus on schoolwork and making the classroom a more serious enviroment , allowing students to perform better academically.

A School Uniform give students a sense of belonging to a particular school and create an identity for the school in the community .